About 5CA

Who is 5CA?

We came from humble beginnings. Just a man with a love of tech and a dream of everyone working from home. Since, we’ve built an expert community of agents working for renowned brands. All of whom we thank for the success we see today.

Our agents and clients inspire us to keep delivering personalized customer experiences that stay with people. But we’d be nobody if we didn’t remember where we came from or envision where we’re headed.

Learn all about our history, past and current clients, and the services that set us apart from the rest.

Our story so far.

We founded 5CA in 1998 on a simple idea. We wanted people across the world to receive worthwhile customer experiences in every language. From our inception in Utrecht, The Netherlands, our adventures have taken us around the world. From Karachi to Buenos Aires. We’ve made the whole world our home and the world has taken us beyond the limits of traditional customer support partners. Our next stop? You decide.

Our services.

Our approach stems from the successful work from home model we’ve championed for over 10 years. This model allows us to constantly innovate and rapidly adapt to the latest technologies on the market, all while our agents work from home. From sentiment analysis and multichannel approaches to brand new translation services, we’re able to provide customer support to people all over the world. Whenever and however they need it most

Who could I work for?

We’ve outsourced customer support for some of the hottest brands in gaming, tech, and digital services.

Bang & Olufsen.

We’ve been with Danish high-end electronics powerhouse B&O from before that was their name.


We knocked hip beer brand Beerwulf’s customer satisfaction scores out of the park in just 2 months.



Our Game Masters helped CCP Games ramp up their customer support across 5 languages in 6 weeks.

Diversity and inclusion.

A diverse workforce is a strong and solid one. At 5CA, we embrace diversity in all forms and will not stand for discrimination. Our culture is inclusive; one that encourages, supports, and benefits everyone.

We aim to actively create an environment where people feel welcomed, appreciated, respected, and valued for who they are. This includes individuals of all ages, physical abilities, nationalities; ethnic backgrounds, cultural heritages, religious affiliations; education, sexual preference, and gender identity.

We commit to:

· Integrating diversity and inclusion into our business practices at every level of operation

· Regularly reviewing integrations to ensure they’re still best practice

· Providing diversity training and tools to facilitate inclusion

· Recognizing the achievements of individuals promoting diversity and inclusion

· Celebrating our diversity as a strength, driver of our culture, and a representation of who we are

· Rejecting all forms of discrimination, acting accordingly

Ready to join us?