At 5CA we have people from everywhere. But did you know that some of those countries have the craziest facts?

By Sarah Wetzel

At 5CA, we have people from all over the world… 38 to be exact! Of those 38 countries, can you guess which one applies to these crazy facts?

1. Suriname

A South American country (whose national language is Dutch, by the way) that requires adults under the age of 30 to get written permission from their parents to marry.

2. Romania

Romania contains the second city to be lit by electric street lamps, after New York City.

3. Mauritius

It’s national bird, the flightless Dodo, was only found on this tiny island many centuries ago.

4. Philippines

The word for “yo-yo” came from this country.

5. Bulgaria

In this country, a nod means ‘No’, and shaking your head means ‘Yes’.

Honestly, we just can’t wait to bring more culture in our organization!

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