Why you should consider having a job in Utrecht

They say Utrecht is a smaller version of Amsterdam, and while we agree that both cities look alike, we need to point out that Utrecht is definitely a better place to work.

Don’t believe us? Let us tell you why:

1. Utrecht is (much) less crowded

Amsterdam is the 8th most popular city destination in Europe according to Euromonitor International.


Imagine going to work every single morning having to walk through thousands of tourists who invade the streets of Amsterdam, many of them who may be drunk from the evening before. From a personal experience that can increase your commuting time to up to 20 minutes.

Forget about sleeping in if you work in Amsterdam.

If you have a job in Utrecht you will avoid all the unnecessary tourist dodging and sprint in the morning. Utrecht’s Central station is filled with people, but you will rarely have to among them to find your way out.

It doesn’t mean Utrecht is a small city. It is the 4rth biggest city in the Netherlands but without all the mess that Amsterdam can bring you.

2. It is easier to study and have a part-time job

Commuting can be a big problem when you work and study at the same time, and we can all agree that Amsterdam’s big size could be an inconvenience for students if they don’t work near to their University.

So going back to my first point, in order to move around the city you will have to pass through a wave of tourists in order to reach your destination. Your best shot would go by bike, as it is less expensive than public transportation, but that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy a tourist-free fietspad as you should.



In Utrecht, that’s a nonissue. Since the city is mostly populated by residents there are no traffic problems, neither by public transport nor by bicycle. And the best thing is that everything is relatively close to the center. Utrecht’s University, the restaurants, the stores, and other services are all gathered in the heart of Utrecht.

We have open positions that could be done part-time so make sure to check them out if you’re convinced (and we hope so) that a job in Utrecht is really convenient.

3. Meals are cheaper ( and delicious)

If you are not a foodie who likes bringing your own meals to work and instead prefer getting a fresh meal in a bar/restaurant on a daily basis, be prepared to spend a higher amount of money in Amsterdam.

The thing is, Amsterdam is an incredibly touristic city and businesses, including restaurants and bars, make sure to benefit from that. It’s not their fault, you would probably do the same.

On the other hand, if you have a job in the center of Utrecht you will find plenty of inexpensive meal options to bring to your office or eat next to the canals.


Here are some of the best rated and cheap bites in Utrecht:

  • Kimmade Vietnamese Street Food
  • Broei with Traditional Dutch Meals
  • Dogma Hotdog Bar
  • Santai Indonesian Food Take Out

At 5CA we generally go to Brood Express in the Central Station of Utrecht, as they have delicious options and it is a 2 minute walk from our office. Not to mention the delicious smoothies from the Smoothie Company right outside of the station, yum!

4. Utrecht is one of the biggest cities in the Randstad region

If you are an expat Utrecht is your best option if you are looking for a job. According to the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek the most internationally oriented companies are located in the Randstad, and Utrecht just so happens to be one of the biggest cities in the Randstad region, which means the city is highly multicultural.

Yes, Amsterdam is also part of it, just with a lot of chaos.



So the odds are, you are likely to find a job with a high number of international colleagues in Utrecht, and we just happen to have open positions at our offices.

5. Happy hours and events are more doable

Every Friday we have drinks at our offices, but our colleagues often decide to go out for dinner (and more drinks). In Utrecht a spontaneous event is much easier to achieve: even though bars and restaurants are normally full, there is always a spot for a group of people looking for a place to have fun, and most of the times for a reasonable price.


Need an example? The Tivoli space in Utrecht is close to the station and offers delicious gin tonics, besides of a pleasant environment. Perfect happy hour spot!

Let’s agree that it is harder to be spontaneous in Amsterdam. The bars are often too crowded to just simply go for a drink, the prices are often sky-high, and you will probably end up commuting to go home afterwards.

Just to be clear, we think Amsterdam is a gorgeous city with plenty of things to do and impressive landscapes. However, we do think that a job in Utrecht brings you many more benefits than in Amsterdam, and you don’t even need to give up the beautiful canals!

Convinced about Utrecht awesomeness?

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