Bootcamp Experience: 5CA’s first work & holiday project in Valencia

In beautiful Valencia, Spain, one of our teams came together from all over the globe for a unique Bootcamp Experience – a week of training, work and fun! Tudor, one of the Project Leads, created this special work & holiday experience for his international team. Check out the full story on how it all went down, penned by our own Marina Kliueva!
It was an ordinary Tuesday afternoon, back in July when the heatwave had just hit the Netherlands and all of us 5CA office employees were having a hard time focusing on work – it was simply too nice outside.

Time for a weekly meeting with my Project Lead – nothing special, just a chat. “Marina, I want to organize a Bootcamp for our project in Spain”, says Tudor. “We’ll get everyone under one roof, work together, have fun together. Would you be up for it?’’ He’s looking at me in anticipation, and the excitement in his eyes is contagious. Well, can you guess the answer? Just two months later, there we were. Nine people from eight different countries, together in a huge apartment with a terrace and a swimming pool, somewhere in beautiful Valencia, Spain. SAY WHAAAAT? ?

“For me, the Bootcamp was the most fun and interesting work and holiday experience I’ve ever participated in. Part of that is of course because I planned and organized it, which was a first time for me as well. All in all, I’m really happy with the outcome and hope to participate in future editions as well!”


Project Lead

Our team consists of in-office and remote agents. Even though we have been working together for some time already, most of us didn’t have a chance to meet in person. I expected that meeting them face to face and working in the same room for the first time might feel a bit odd. And oh, was I wrong! Right of the bat finally being all together felt like the most natural thing we could imagine.

On the first night, when almost everyone went to sleep, two other teammates and I accidentally locked ourselves out of the house. We were out on the terrace, and once we realized we couldn’t reach anybody to open the door and there were only four hours left until we had to be ‘up’ again, suddenly everything became so hilarious! The three of us were just sitting there making silly jokes until our project lead woke up and finally freed us. That was the real team-building, we said then.
Being taken out of the ordinary routine in a new unfamiliar country with the people that I’ve talked to only via messages and calls was just awesome. I did not expect to get so close with the people, which makes it even better. I am certain that the Bootcamp largely enhanced our team chemistry and synergy, which is going to improve the quality of work we do!”


There was a lot of work to handle during the Bootcamp, but we worked side by side and there was always room for fun! We were taking our breaks by the pool, eating lunch on a sunlit terrace, and when the work was done, we’d be heading downtown – strolling the streets of Valencia up and down, swimming in the Mediterranean sea, drinking beers and sharing stories. One of our teammates, Carlos, came all the way from Colombia – he told me how special it was for him. Later on it turned out that Carlos would also celebrate his birthday with us, which we did in a very family-like atmosphere.

If I had to pick my favorite and most surreal moment, that was when out of nowhere all of my teammates gathered up to wish me a happy birthday, cake included! But wait, there’s more! I had never thought I would end up in a cold pool at night in Valencia as a special treat for my birthday. Thanks again! I’ll make sure to keep memories of it in the dearest way possible.



When I think back to Valencia, my mind always goes to the same moment – the very last night of the Bootcamp. Some people had already left, and the rest of us were feeling pretty bummed out. I took some time to go downtown alone to take photos. When it started getting dark, I joined the rest of the crew on the beach. It was an incredibly warm, starry night, and we went swimming in the dark. Everyone felt that these were our last moments together, so I was trying to enjoy and remember every second of it. When we got into the water, we saw fireworks in the sky. Dark waters of the Mediterranean around us and bright flashes reflecting on it  – that was pure magic.
Afterwards there was packing, and goodbyes, but only one thing really mattered – we came together as a team of colleagues but would be flying home as friends. Nine people from eight different countries, gathered together for this unforgettable Bootcamp Experience. If it weren’t for 5CA, we would never have met. But thanks to our Project Lead who dared to organize the very first 5CA Bootcamp – we know now that everything is possible. Especially with the right people by your side.
Text: Marina Kliueva

Photos: (c) Marina Kliueva

Marina Kliueva is a community manager at 5CA and a portrait photographer. Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, she lives in the Netherlands since 2017. Marina is very much into art and currently studies film directing and Dutch language.

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