Do you know any expats in the Netherlands? Or are you an expat yourself? Then you will probably relate to this article.

I know we shouldn’t generalize, but the great majority of young expats move to the Netherlands for similar reasons:

  1. For their partner (who happens to be Dutch)
  2. To work or have better working conditions (such as salary and treatment)
  3. To finish their studies or for an internship

What most of expats have in common? That they are highly educated: engineers, IT specialists, designers, business advisors, human resources specialists and so on




Yes, the Netherlands is much more than a beautiful land full of cows, great cheese, and straightforward people. It is also the hotspot for tech companies and creative businesses. Unfortunately, what many expats find out is that it’s not that easy to find a job in the Netherlands if you are not fluent in Dutch. 

Customer Support is an excellent option for expats for the obvious reasons: companies like that need multilingual people. The most demanded languages are German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, so if you are fluent in any of those, you are going to have it easy to find a job in this area.


So why it is perfect for young expats? Because it is a qualitative temporary source of money. Need to pay school on your own? Need to pay rent while you look for engineering jobs? You got it.




We did a little study here at 5CA. Since 69% of our Dutch office is composed by expats and 80% of them have a university degree, we asked some of them what was the reason why they moved to the Netherlands and why they started working with us in Customer Support.

  • Romain, our French agent has two Masters Degrees and moved here together with his Dutch girlfriend. The timing was great for him as he heard about this job right after moving to Utrecht.
  • We have two agents (one German and one Spanish) who moved here to finish their university studies. They are now taking a gap year so they can get some economic liquidity.

Some people found other career paths within 5CA: some moved from agents to Project Leads, Team Coaches, and Sales. Those decisions come as they get to know more the company, but that’s another topic.

In conclusion, many people get scared when they hear the word “Customer Support” but no one can disagree on the fact that it is the perfect solution if you are a young expat who just moved to the Netherlands and need a job.

And I don’t want to be bias, but working at 5CA is quite awesome, and not only because of the free drinks on Fridays.



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