Our colleagues – Hector and Jeroen – had a unique opportunity to visit the gaming fest of E3 in Los Angeles this year. We asked them to share some of their impressions – what was surprising, what was the most interesting, was Fortnite’s secret party that good? Read more to find out!
We probably do not have to introduce E3 to anyone involved with the gaming world. However, let’s do a quick recap. E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is the world’s premier trade event for computer and video games and related products. It is the place and time in the year when developers, publishers, business professionals and gaming fandom gets together in the Los Angeles Convention Centre. For three exciting days, leading-edge companies showcase and announce groundbreaking new technologies, sequels and new games. We were happy to support our collegues to join this one of a kind experience!

It was my first experience ever visiting E3 in Los Angeles so my expectations were huge! Especially after following all the gaming conferences online, I really was looking forward to what E3 has to offer.

If I would have to describe E3 in one word, it would probably be: packed.  The most interesting part of the entire E3 2018 for me was a presentation of an alpha version of Battlefield V. What can I say. I love those kinds of games!     Fortnite’s secret party (we were lucky to get in!) was themed with all game-branded merchandise . They even had a Slurp juice!

Hector Miguel

Hector Miguel

Project Lead


Last but not least: Twitch. They had an amazing booth, with a Meet & Greet area. They handed out some merchandise e.g. bags or sunglasses, just next to the entrance. But what I enjoyed the most is that I had a chance to talk to a few streamers in person!  All in all visiting E3 was a great experience. I had a great time and I enjoyed it very much!

From my perspective, E3 is a great place to interact with gamers, people who are truly enthusiastic about games. The event was quite crowded with long queues and waiting time – no wonder! This is the moment in the year when the biggest gaming companies announce upcoming titles and news.

The Fortnite booth was very elaborate and very spacious. They provided great activities for visitors e.g. contests, swag store and gameplays displayed on the screens. Fortnite’s (secret) after party was amazing! During the special evening we saw performers, artists, we drank special drinks. Definitely, this evening was a memorable experience!

Jeroen Deschepper

Jeroen Deschepper

Project Lead


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