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Aug 7, 2018 | Careers blog, Language_FR

He joined 5CA in April 2018 as an agent. Now he is leading training for new agents and supports the day to day operations on one of our projects. He is a trapeze instructor, American Football player (no kidding!). He wishes to challenge David Gilmour to play Street Fighter V! Meet Igor –  our remote colleague living and working in Serbia.
Q: So, Igor, could you say a few words about yourself?
A: My name is Igor and I work as a Senior Agent at 5CA. I live and work in Serbia.

Q: When did you join 5CA?
A: I joined 5CA in late April 2018.

Q: What were your professional experiences before joining 5CA?
A: Before joining 5CA I worked in different fields. For example, I worked in the US as a Trapeze instructor in Cape Cod Inflatable Challenge Park. Another job was as a Game tester, an online  English teacher, and a ‘summer job’ in an Automotive factory.

Q: How have those experiences helped you with your everyday work at 5CA?
A: Actually, every job I had definitely helped me start up and build my career here at 5CA. Starting from the US, I had interactions with the customers where I learned the ‘western’ customer service philosophy and of course, improved my pronunciation. After that, I started teaching English where I learned every day including Business English (which became useful here at 5CA).

Q: In which position did you start initially at 5CA?
A: I started as an agent for one of the biggest projects in the company but a few weeks after I was promoted to supervise and train new agents.

Q: How is the agent position different from your current job?
A: Well those positions are quite different! The main difference is that agents are helping customers and I am supporting agents with their everyday work. I provide them with tools, knowledge, and support they might need for both their everyday work and development.

Q: Since you are working remotely I wanted to ask, what are the key benefits of Working From Home for you?
A: Personally, I am fine with both work environments. Some people prefer seeing their colleagues face to face, some people want to avoid it completely. The key benefit of WFH for me is that there is no commuting. I especially enjoy working from home during winters and rain periods.

Q: I happen to know that you have some experiences with acrobatics – could you tell me how did it happen that you got involved in this field? ?
A: Well, this was completely unexpected, life lead me to this place called Cape Cod family resort while I signed up for ‘Work and Travel’ program. 2015 was the year when the park owner decided to expand the park by introducing the ‘challenge’ section. I had no idea how serious that was going to be after my friends and I built it alongside Freddy (worked in circus whole his life) and I started practicing. He was a really good teacher and he taught us more than acrobatics. For me, I was afraid of heights and with his support, I was able to overcome that fear and now I am able to do awesome summersaults ?

Q: I have also heard about your experience playing American Football for the National Serbian team? Is that true?:)
A: True! I started playing American football when I was in the 2nd grade of high school. One day my friend got this ‘weird egg-shaped ball’ as a gift. Then, our professor overheard us talking about American Football and he invited his colleague who was playing for the team in the nearby city. That is how ‘Mammoths’, an American football team in my hometown came to life. I was the first player to play on the National team of Serbia.

Q:  What places in Serbia would you recommend visiting?
A: For the younger people, I would recommend checking the Exit Festival in Novi Sad. If someone wants to escape the city’s hustle and bustle they should go to the Fruska Gora National Park that has really nice restaurants. Also Kopaonik – for Skiing and Canyon Tara for rafting and enjoying the nature are high on top of my list!

Q: Since 5CA is a gaming company, I need to ask this question! What are your ultimate favorite games?
A: Witcher 3 definitely takes the first 3 spots ? I also like to play Multiplayer games as I am very competitive and I like winning. I enjoy playing 2d fighter games like Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball Fighterz, PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch and of course I also enjoy playing World of Warcraft.

Q: And If you could play this game with your favorite musician who would that be?
A: Now this is the most difficult question! Difficult decision… Is this a reference to Drake playing with Ninja? I would have to choose David Gilmour!

Q: Do you have any wishes for your future?
A: Of course! Get a dog, have a place of my own, go on a really nice vacation, and last but definitely not least get promoted!

Thanks for your time Igor!

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