Meet Olivia: 5CA’s special effects afficionado

This week we want to introduce you to our colleague Olivia: she does amazing special effects makeup in her free time! Don’t get scared by her creations, she’s very sociable and, if you’re nice, she might help you out next Halloween! Read Olivia’s story here:
Hi I’m Olivia!

Ever since I was a kid, movies and creative projects were my biggest passion. I would create my own stories and characters and live in a world of my own.

The art of Cinema fascinated me the most. Being able to become someone else just by the magic of makeup and costume is for me an open world ready to be explored.

Olivia works as a Razer Support Agent at 5CA. She enjoys spending time on the computer and dreaming about the next project, always an idea in mind for a creative escape!

Horror movies were always my favourite. Some would be disgusted by the gore and blood where I would be observing very closely how they would make wounds and scars. I created all kind of things before: books, drawings, music, cardboard creations… But special effects makeups were still a big mystery which I was dying to learn about.
I then bought my first materials (some liquid latex, fake blood, and my old Sephora palette) and tried my first makeup.
I looked like a pepperoni pizza while I was trying to do a burnt face (almost lost my eyebrows on that one), had some weird pink red-ish veins when trying to make it look like an infection… well… those were my beginnings.
But I did not give up, on the contrary, all I wanted was to make people scared and disgusted by my creations. The nastier the better!
Then, the best thing of my life happened. That was my first real experience as a makeup artist. Some friends of mine were a couple of dancers participating in Arabs Got Talent in Lebanon. They needed an Avatar body painting for the semi-final and, after seeing my work on Facebook, they contacted me to perform this project.

Want to see Olivia’s art at work? Below is the video with the full performance: 

I believe I will never stop creating, whether it is for makeups or other projects. Always willing to discover and learn more, I mostly train on my own and don’t follow guidelines. When an idea comes to my mind, I just try to reproduce it until I feel satisfied with the result.
My inspirations are the world and my imagination and I would love to make people dream or feel all kinds of emotions through my art.
Never stop dreaming!

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