Meet Elsa: 5CA’s own badass Viking

We made time-travelling possible.


You don’t believe me? Let me tell you a story…


This story is mine and the one from about 40 people. We all gather under the same banner: Les Gardiens de Midgard.
Our story is about history. We re-enact how our ancestors (and maybe yours!) used to live 1000 years ago, in Northern Europe.
We are the descendants of the Northmen and women, who came from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and who travelled the world leaving their marks in many other horizons.



Our clan came together about 4 years ago, in the city of Rouen, Normandy, France. The city itself is rich in Viking history: the street named after Rollo (first Viking duke of Normandy), the rune stone from Jelling, and many stories from the Xth century.
We were first a few friends, sharing a common passion for history. We started making our own clothes, by hand, using only the kind of fabric that was used in Scandinavia at the time: wool and linen. By reading books, online articles, visiting museums and talking with other re-enactors, we started gathering information. All those sources were the base for making new experiences. Soon everyone in the clan tried a different craft.



A few years later, I am proud to say that we are now strong of almost 40 members, located in both France, the Netherlands and Friesland, of 4 different nationalities.
Each member is skilled in working with natural material: wood carving, carpentry, leatherworking, bag and shoemaking, embroidery, clothes making, tablet weaving, naalbinding, bone carving, knit, wool spinning.



Furthermore, we have a few wonderful cooks, who know how to prepare the most delicious, authentic and heartwarming dishes and bread.
Imagine yourself, coming to sit next to the fire with us, a sheepskin on your shoulder and a warm bowl of stew on your knees.



Close your eyes and imagine our musicians, with their songs and drums whose deep beats bring you centuries back, to the time when nothing was artificial. Follow the Volva, the Viking priestess, to her tent, and let her read your fortune with the runes.
After an evening of feast and laughter, after a good night of sleep in the warm straw, you wake up naturally by the light of the sunrise.


Today is a great day for some Viking games!



It may seem like a video game or a movie, but this is real. This is what brings the Gardiens de Midgard together.
This is even more than a hobby, as we all members are more than friends, we feel like brothers. Our everyday life is, from near or far, always linked to the Viking way of life. It can be just the pleasure of being close to nature, or feeling the guidance of the Nordic Gods, or gathering to share about a craft we want to learn, or preparing our next Viking camp to Norway.



I hope you liked my story. And if someday, you come to meet us on one of our camps, we will welcome you and tell you some more stories about Mythology. But if you just come to steal our mead, run fast because we also have axes!


Do you want to work for us?

About Elsa
Elsa works as Customer Care agent at 5CA. Next to her job, she is leading a horde of Vikings through Europe. Even better, it’s not behind a computer screen, but in real, authentic life!


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