Getting crushed at Rocket League by ViolentPanda

A while back 5CA had the pleasure of getting a visit from ViolentPanda, Dutch member of Gale Force eSports, winner of the Rocket League Championship Series! Our colleague Dorian was one of the few lucky who got to meet him and challenge him to a match of Rocket League. Although he got his ass unequivocally kicked by ViolentPanda, he wanted to share with everyone his awesome experience:

Getting to meet Violent Panda from Gale Force was an exciting event. I was frantically setting up the gaming room together with my colleagues Bart, Olaf and Nathalie before ViolentPanda’s arrival. I was very nervous at the time but my fellows from 5CA had my back and talked me through what ViolentPanda and I were going to do. Fortunately for me, it was one of the things I love doing the most, and that was playing Rocket League!

Warming up for the Rocket League match

Eventually, ViolentPanda arrived when Bart and the others brought him in. I then shook his hand and introduced myself as 5CA’s biggest Rocket League fan (and arguably the best player as well). Though Bart and I had some trouble properly setting up the two stations Panda and I were going to play Rocket League on, we finally got everything set up with me and Panda being logged into our respective Steam accounts.

When you finally get to meet your idol

We thus started playing 1 vs. 1 matches in which ViolentPanda completely toyed with me, on a level unbeknownst to me. Never have I ever been this utterly dominated by an opponent in Rocket League before. It also goes to show that he was the worthiest opponent I ever had the privilege of playing against. After, he took the opportunity to style on me with some tricks that you would expect to see only from a Rocket League professional.

ViolentPanda is not only an excellent Rocket League player but also a really kind and down to earth guy whom I was able to engage in conversations revolving not just about Rocket League but every-day life things. I chose to focus my questions about things going on in the Rocket League E-sports scene, specifically who Violent Panda considered good players. Because he considered Deevo (one of his former teammates) a good player, Panda took the initiative and gave me instructions on how to configure my camera settings to be the same as his and Deevo’s.

This is not going as expected...
We then played some more 2 vs. 2 matches together before we wrapped up the photo-shoot. Panda and I were being filmed this whole time while we were playing. However, unfortunately for me, the camera was more focused on ViolentPanda than me… even though I thought I was exceptionally good looking on that day. Finally, we tidied up the room again we packed up our things and went towards the train station. Before we parted ways, I still had the opportunity to have some lunch with ViolentPanda and the others.

All in all, it was a fantastic day to live out my life as a Rocket League fan and I want to dedicate this piece as a huge thanks to the people that made it happen!

Check out the awesome video below of ViolentPanda’s visit to 5CA’s office!

Dorian works as a customer service agent at 5CA for the Razer project on a part-time basis. Currently, he is studying and working on completing a bachelor of science in the field of Political Science and International Relations. Aside from that, he is also very passionate about listening to and making music.

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