Everyone of us had his/her own reason for landing on this job (working remotely as a Customer Advisor at 5CA). Less stress on commuting, more time to spend with the family, or simply building an experience and a better salary. My reason was traveling. As long as we do not win a lottery, we would need to work.


It took me nearly one year, but I’m now set, ready and steady in my plans. Which is already something, considering my usual plan, before, was barely covering the 24 hours of a day.

Digital Nomads: do we belong to this? Well, we’re not location independent. Forget about the sand and the beach, they are not good friends with the Internet connection and with technology in general. But we can work from anywhere we have a stable connection, which means we have a lot of possibilities.

Thinking about working remotely at 5CA? Here’s what you need:

  1. It is obligatory to meet our technical requirements.
  2. You have a quiet, dedicated space to work.
  3. You are ready to commit.

Learn more here.

My plan right now:

Sofia, Bulgaria: 12th February – 30th April

After 3 years spent in Poland, in Krakow and Gdansk, I’m now moving to Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the Digital Nomads’ favorite location. Well, what does it take for a place to gain this status? First of all: it is cheap/not extremely expensive.

You need a good, reliable, fast network or a coworking place available in the hours requested. Some events related to the DN’s network won’t hurt either. Sofia complies to all of the conditions.

This period of time includes: a visit to Athens, 20 hours in Berlin, and still-to-book Istanbul + another location.

Sofia Bulgaria

Beautiful Skyline of Sofia, Bulgaria (extracted from commons.wikipedia.org)

Turku, Finland: 1st May – 31st May

Where everything started for me, 10 years ago. (https://oftravelslifesongs.com/2016/05/04/one-vappu-in-turku/).

Landscape Ice Sea Turku’s Castle Port Turku. (Extracted from Maxpixel)

June: Italy. Mandatory month to go back home, as I’ll need to pass through some eye surgery, and visit my parents before the best part of my journey starts.

July is still a big question mark. Asia, most likely, Bali on top.


31 July: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The starting point of a 8 months trip through Asia and South America with Nesiato, a company that organizes travels, housing and working places for whoever can work remotely.

Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Flower offering (Extracted from wikipedia.org)


In this prep year, I was able to finally collect tips and trick to make this possible, so if anyone is interested/willing to join/plan anything while around, you know where to find me. Also, suggestions, advice and related link/website/posts are more than welcome.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to catch up with you guys on what’s happening around. Stay Tuned!


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Matteo LaPenna

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Matteo Lapenna is a Customer Advisor at 5CA. His passions include travelling around the world and singing. What does he sing? Mostly Rock, and just a bit of Pop.

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Days left to Turku, Finland








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